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The runtime needed to execute a program using AspectJ
The AspectJ weaver introduces advices to java classes

Tools from the AspectJ project
AspectJ-powered way to bring @Nonnull/@Nullable validation on run-time
This OSGi bundle wraps aspectjrt and aspectjweaver 1.8.9 jar files.
Apache Shiro :: Support :: AspectJ
Geronimo Plugins, AspectJ :: AspectJ
Annotation-driven aspect for tracing requests through a distributed system.
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Handles AspectJ usage within Maven. Functionality provided is: weaving of aspects (or existing aspects from libraries) with the test and/or main classes, weaving of pre-existing jars and ajdoc reporting.
Starter for aspect-oriented programming with Spring AOP and AspectJ
Support for the introduction of Spring's @Configurable annotation through an AspectJ ITD.