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The runtime needed to execute a program using AspectJ
The AspectJ weaver introduces advices to java classes

Tools from the AspectJ project
AspectJ-powered way to bring @Nonnull/@Nullable validation on run-time
This OSGi bundle wraps aspectjrt and aspectjweaver 1.8.5 jar files.
Handles AspectJ usage within Maven. Functionality provided is: weaving of aspects (or existing aspects from libraries) with the test and/or main classes, weaving of pre-existing jars and ajdoc reporting.
Support for the introduction of Spring's @Configurable annotation through an AspectJ ITD.
ToolKit, that includes supplementary resources and instruments for build automation. Also this module includes AspectJ aspects shared among all other modules.
Utilities by AspectJ for unit test.
aspectjutil-adviseutil consists of utilities for AspectJ.