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Elasticsearch Cluster Runner

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4. JHighlight7 usages

org.codelibs » jhighlightCDDLLGPL

JHighlight is an embeddable pure Java syntax highlighting library that supports Java, HTML, XHTML, XML and LZX languages and outputs to XHTML. It also supports RIFE templates tags and highlights them clearly so that you can easily identify the difference between your RIFE markup and the actual marked up source.

5. Corelib5 usages

org.codelibs » corelibApache

This plugin provides Script-based Search Template.
This provides useful classes for Elasticsearch plugin development.

8. JCIFS3 usages

org.codelibs » jcifsLGPL

JCIFS is an Open Source client library that implements the CIFS/SMB networking protocol in 100% Java
This plugin provides an analysis library for Kuromoji with Neologd.

This library provides Lucene's analyzers for Japanese.

11. SPNEGO2 usages

org.codelibs » spnegoLGPL

Integrated Windows Authentication (Single Sign-On) in Java.
This plugin re-orders top N documents in a search results.

13. MinHash1 usages

org.codelibs » minhashApache

This library provides b-bit minhash algorism.
This plugin provides an analysis library for Japanese.
This plugin starts your job at a specified time.
This plugin provides b-bit minhash algorism.
This plugin provides ExtensionService to customize Elasticsearch features.
elasticsearch elasticsearch-fess-suggest plugin
This plugin provides several response formats.
This plugin provides a feature to manage dictionary files.