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Error Prone Annotations

2. Error Prone Javac7 usages » javacGPL

A repackaged copy of javac for error-prone to depend on

3. @BugPattern Annotation5 usages » error_prone_annotationApache

@BugPattern Annotation

4. Error Prone Library5 usages » error_prone_coreApache

Error Prone Library

5. Error Prone Check Api2 usages » error_prone_check_apiApache

Error Prone Check Api

6. Ant Build Support2 usages » error_prone_antApache

Ant Build Support

7. Error_prone_jdkcompat2 usages » error_prone_jdkcompatApache

JSR 269 Annotation Processor For @BugPattern Annotation
Error Prone Test Helpers

10. Error_prone_jdk7 » error_prone_jdk7Apache


11. Refaster Rule Compiler » error_prone_refasterApache

Refaster Rule Compiler

12. Maven Parent POM » error_prone_parentApache

Maven Parent POM

13. Maven Build Support » error_prone_mavenApache

Maven Build Support
Documention Tool For Generating Error Prone Bugpattern Documentation