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Group: com.github.axet

1. Wget10 usages

com.github.axet » wgetLGPL

wget java single / multithread download library

2. Kaptcha10 usages

com.github.axet » kaptchaApache

A web kaptcha generation engine

3. Android Libvorbis2 usages

com.github.axet » libvorbisLGPL

android libvorbis.

4. Mavennatives2 usages

com.github.axet » mavennativesLGPL


5. Android Libogg2 usages

com.github.axet » liboggLGPL

android libogg.

6. com.github.axet.litedb

Group used by 2 artifacts

7. Desktop1 usages

com.github.axet » desktopLGPL

java desktop class extender. has all user specific folders

8. Jebml1 usages

com.github.axet » jebmlLGPL

Android Simple Widgets and Support classes.

9. Apple1 usages

com.github.axet » appleLGPL

java apple classes. allow your java application to have native OSX functions

10. Vget1 usages

com.github.axet » vgetLGPL

vget java video download library

11. Android Libvorbis1 usages

com.github.axet » vorbisLGPL

android libvorbis.

12. Threads1 usages

com.github.axet » threadsLGPL

threads java utils library

13. Android Library1 usages

com.github.axet » android-libraryLGPL

Android Simple Widgets and Support classes.

14. Android Library

com.github.axet » android-audio-libraryLGPL

Android Simple Widgets and Support classes.

15. Shoutcast

com.github.axet » shoutcastLGPL

shoutcast download library

16. Lookup

com.github.axet » lookupLGPL

lookup java OCR / sub image find library

17. Libsqlite

com.github.axet » libsqliteLGPL

libsqlite - natives

18. Versions Maven Plugin

com.github.axet » versions-maven-pluginApache

Versions Plugin for Maven 2. The Versions Plugin updates the versions of components in the POM.

19. K 9 Mail Library

com.github.axet » k9-libApache

Android IMAP library.

20. Protocols

com.github.axet » protocolsLGPL

json based serialization library