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The core reader and writer for ORC files. Uses the vectorized column batch for the in memory representation.
An implementation of Hadoop's mapred and mapreduce input and output formats for ORC files. They use the core reader and writer, but present the data to the user in Writable objects.
Druid Extensions API
A module that is everything required to understands Druid Segments
Google Cloud Trace Java SDK Core Components
Google Cloud Trace Java SDK API V1 Dependencies
This module enables fast and easy creation of sync., async., req./resp., req./resp. stream HTTP/json services. It is part of Butor Framework and released under APL 2.0.
A feature pack to be able to deploy a Hawkular WildFly Agent in a WildFly server.
Installs the Hawkular WildFly Agent into a WildFly Server
The distribution containing the module extension for the Hawkular WildFly Agent
A feature pack that contains everything needed to prepare a distro against which Agent integration tests can be run.
GeoRegression is a free Java based geometry library for scientific computing in fields such as robotics and computer vision with a focus on 2D/3D space.
A library for working as a management client to a Wildfly container